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Sell, Serve, & Scale

Doors open Summer 2018.

If you’re ready to start making more money without working equally more hours, you’re in the right place.

I’m going to tell you a secret:

I have spent most of my life feeling like crap.

I have had a chronic illness since I was a small child. This nervous system disorder effects all parts of my body. As a child, my condition kept me from going to school. As an adult, my condition has kept me from holding down a “real job.”

I never know from day to day how I’m going to feel.

  • I don’t know if I’m going to be in so much pain I can’t get out of bed.
  • I don’t know if my heart will suddenly go into atrial fib.
  • I don’t know if I’m going to get dizzy and blackout.

My friends, my family, even my partners, have all encouraged me to go on permanent disability.

But I refused.

I refuse to be disabled. 

And I also refuse to be broke.

I have had to learn how to create a life for myself — create a business for myself — even without having the physical energy to work full-time. I have had to learn how to serve clients and grow my business while being able to take time off as my health dictates.

Over the years I learned how to design a system that allows me to develop businesses and create products my clients want, all without working myself to death.

I use this same system to help my clients create their offers.

Now, for the first time, I am packaging up my framework into a program that anybody can take in their spare time and grow their business.

The amount of business I realized I was missing before I hired Ysmay is not calculable with today’s math.

It’s like she came in, figured out everything I wasn’t doing, and immediately started me on doing it. The difference is beyond palpable.

Revenue is up, buzz is up. I couldn’t be happier.

Peter Shankman
Founder, Help a Reporter Out
and ShankMinds: Business Masterminds

I could NOT have done it without Ysmay, and will continue to hire her for as long as I am in business. If you have the chance to work with her, hire her immediately. Her work is so good you’ll want to pay her double. Without even realizing it, she pushed my online yoga business to the next stage. Totally professional, more authentic, more followers, and more money! I have not seen myself this strong and focused for a long time.

Maria Sirriya
Founder, Hip Hop Tantra Yoga


We are going to design your ideal leveraged offere, and we are going to start to sell it before it’s done so we can validate your idea. You’re going to be getting paid to create your offer.


Once your offer is out, you’re going to serve your clients and refine your offer. By serving and refining we are able to ensure your product delivers amazing results.


After you have validated and polished your offer, we are going to create your sales funnel and scalable systems. This way you can be making sales in your sleep.


Sell, Serve, and Scale

You probably don’t have a debilitating illness, but I bet you would like to have more time, money, and freedom, right?

Inside Sell, Serve, and Scale that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

Using my Strategic Success System, we are going to create a sustainable leveraged business so you can get out of the habit of trading hours for dollars and create more freedom in your life.

Sell, Serve, and Scale kicks off with my signature Glorious Goals process. This session is designed to help you set realistic, actionable, and achieveable and glorious goals for your business.

We will then identify your prosperity blocks and make a plan to bust them with my Block Buster process. Over the course of our time together you will start your day with Morning Mindset Mastery, a mindset immersion which will help you feel aligned with your bigger vision and your dreams.

And then the fun begins.

Then we start developing your offer.

Module 1: Sell

We need to figure out what you’re going to sell and to whom. This is perfect if you’ve thought about creating a leveraged offer, but have no idea what you would offer. We will pinpoint your expertise and create a product designed for you.

We are going to look at the market strategically and base your product on:

What is missing in your market that you’re able to provide.

Why people buy products and picking one key metric to be absolutely the best on.

To bring your pilot program to market, we will outline your offer, create a simple sales page, and then get your offer in front of your test market.

Module 2: Serve

Once your offer is in front of your test market, it’s time to start delivering a pilot version of your offer. We are going to focus on serving your pilot customers at your highest level so you get real, actionable feedback that you can use to refine your product.

Using their feedback we are going to polish your offer to:

Highlight your offer’s points of difference and downplay your offer’s points of parity so your product truly stands out in the market.

Refine your delivery system so you are serving your customers efficiently without sacrificing results.

Module 3: Scale

After you have delivered one live round of your program, we are going to automate it with systems that scale. Together we will setup any tech systems needed to ensure your offer can sell and be delivered without your daily involvement.

We will also:

Outline and record an automated webinar to drive leads to your product. (I have the perfect system for you, even if you’ve never recorded a webinar before.)

Set up a simple sales funnel, complete with Facebook ads, to drive traffic to your automated webinar.

Create your repeatable processes that can be outsourced to a virtual assistant to remove yourself from as much of the system as possible.

Ysmay is the best! When I came to her, I knew very little about having a website or how to run a yoga business. Ysmay has the patience, knowledge, and creativity to show you how to put together a successful business. She has helped me create my business from zero. I don’t know what I would have done without Ysmay!

Nicole Vincent
Founder, Shanti Om Retreats

I was asking for heaven’s help when Ysmay came into my life in a very miraculous manner. Just when I was about to throw in the towel, she came along and revived my passion to go after my dreams, be an entrepreneur, and finally start the business I have today.

Rodrigo Ortiz
Founder, Distinctive Reach Media

Hear what my client Crystal has to say about working with me.

Crystal Gray, Founder of the Yoga Goddess Academy

What can I expect?

Doors open July 1st.

We are going to kick off with a goal setting session. We will go through my signature Glorious Goals process to set your goals for the program, and then we will go through my Block Buster process to rewire your mindset and get you aligned for success.

Then every week for the rest of the program you will receive a video training and workbook.

I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

The content will be archived for you inside my membership site Smart Set Academy.


Am I a good fit?

This pilot program is designed for service providers who want to move into a more leveraged revenue stream.

You do not have to already have a digital product as that is what we are going to be creating together.

Do you guarantee results?

I guarantee that if you show up and do the work you will create an entire revenue stream from start to finish. I cannot guarantee how much money you will make as a result. There are too many unknown factors in your business. It would be irresponsible of me to make any sort of projection.

What is a leveraged revenue stream?

A leveraged revenue stream is one you do not have to be involved with every step in order to make sales or deliver the material.

How long is the program?

Sell, Serve, and Scale is designed as a six week program. The pilot round will be delivered over the course of six weeks. After the pilot round is over and the program is live, you’ll have lifetime access to all materials, and can proceed at your own pace.

How often will we meet?

We will have one weekly implementation session for a total of seven sessions.

Do you offer refunds?

I offer a 30 day refund. If you show up to the calls, you do the work, and you feel this program is not helping you create a revenue stream, then I will happily refund your money.